Welcome and Introduction
Dr. Walter J Hendelman M.D., C.M.

Understanding the central nervous system requires visualizing its functional components - nuclei and pathways. The three-dimensional presentation of images is improved by computer viewing and color adds substantially to this visual enhancement.

The Atlas of Functional Neuroanatomy, 2nd edition, by Walter J. Hendelman (M.D., C.M.), with complete text, is published by CRC Press, 2006.

All illustrations in the book are on this website. This site has been created to enhance the text and the illustrations in the text. Originally developed as Adobe Flash animations and now also provided as HTML 5 video, the structures of the brain and spinal cord have been marked so that the learner can identify the extent of the structure - its size and location. 

In addition, almost all of the pathways have been animated, allowing for a clearer view of the tract, and the location of its crossing (decussation). In addition, certain connections of the brain have also been animated. The colors used in the pathways and cross sections are functionally coded and the user is advised to consult the Color Key.